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gloii serves as a unique focal point for ESL schools in Korea and ESL teachers from Native English speaking countries.

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글로이는 한국의 ESL 학교와 영어를 모국어로 사용하는 ESL 선생님들이 만날 수 있는 가장 최적의 환경을 제공합니다.

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귀사의 채용 공고를 제출해주시면 자동 매칭되는 선생님의 이력서를 이메일로 받아 보실 수 있도록 보내드리겠습니다.

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How to Apply: A to Z guideline

We're laying the entire hiring process out from A to Z and helping you through it step-by-step

so you are comfortable and know what is going on at all times. Please refer to the following major steps you're going through.


Assuming that you have all the required Visa Documents in your possession,

the entire placement process will usually take 1 - 2 months from the point of online application to actual start teaching.



STEP 0: (1-3 months):  Begin Gathering Up Visa Documents

Gather the following documents ASAP beacuse it takes most of time in process.

Please follow these directions exactly as any variation will be rejected by Korean Immigration.

(Obtaining these documents is typically what delays departure to Korea so begin working on these immediately).


Please keep us posted of your gathering progress. It is very important to calculate your approximate start date.


Notarized and Apostilled photocopy of your Bachelor’s Diploma and one photocopy

Notarized and Apostilled Nationwide Original Criminal Background Check and one Photocopy

(2) Sealed and Stamped Academic Transcripts. Must be sealed and stamped properly, half on flap, half on body of the envelope. 
(1 set to be used in STEP 4 and 1 set to be used in STEP 5).

Self Medical Assessment for Immigration

A color scan of the information page of your Passport

(4) passport sized photos

Resume with correct mailing address and phone number (the resume must bear your signature)

Photocopy of TESOL/TEFL/CELTA Certificate(s) (if any)

Photocopy of your Master’s Diploma (if any)

For Gyopo (Korean American) teacher, prepare either the Photocopy of F4 visa or Permanent Residenceship Certificate


Details on Criminal Background Check

Details on Notarization

Details on Apostille

Sample: FBI Criminal Background Check

Sample: Apostille

Sample: Sealed and Stamped Academic Transcripts

Download: Self Health Statement

How to get F4 Visa



STEP 1:  (20mins): Submit Your Application

Submit online application via our APPLY NOW page.

Simply sending resume alone will be disregarded. We need additional application information to make a perfect match with right positions.

If you have any questions regarding application process, please let us know by sending email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for prompt assistance.



STEP 2:  (1 - 3 days): Review and Pre Interview

We will review your application and contact you via email to set up a pre interview over phone or Skype.


During the interview, the below topics will be discussed mainly and your questions will be answered.

Please introduce yourself briefly.

Please let us know why you want to teach ESL in Korea.

Please let us know your educational philosophy and how to motivate/encourage students.

Please let us know how you would cope with the cultural differences.


Through the pre interview,  your qulaification, experience and preference will be checked

and you'll be introduced to our nationwide Public and Private schools for prospect interview set-ups.



STEP 3:  (1 day): School Interview and Offer

Our staff will notify you when a Korean school would like to interview with you as well as send details about the open position.

The interview will be conducted over phone or Skype taking about 15mins - 30mins.

Upon successful interview, you'll be given the formal job offer from school with official contract.

You are going to Review, Sign, Scan and Email the signed contract back to us for securing a position.


Download: Sample Employment Contract



STEP 4: (2 weeks): E2 Visa Issuance Number  (in Korea)

In order to legally work in Korea, the E-2 visa (work visa) is needed for foreigners who will teach English in Korea.


Soon as gathering all the required Visa documents, please mail them which are listed in STEP 0 via Express Mail Service (UPS, FedEx, DHL or any others in your country) for your Visa Issuance Number. After mailing, send us the tracking number.

Before mailing, make a photo copy of your Diploma and Criminal Background Check with Apostilles to be used in STEP 5.


The school submits your documents (Statement of Purpose and Sponsorship Guarantee form) to the Korean Immigration Bureau for getting the number.



NOTE: Check points before you sending

Make sure you have a valid passport that does not expire in the near future (check expiration date)

Criminal check: Is it apostilled? Is the word 'Apostille' there on the paper? Is there written 'No Record' in original paper? Is it issued by authorized institute?

Degree: Can you find 'BA' or "'BS" on your degree?

Please advise us if you will be answering YES to any of the questions on the Health Statement Form.


STEP 5: (1 week): Visa Interview (in Your Country) and Flight Ticket Arrangement

We will email you the visa issuance number issued by the Korean Immigration Bureau.


Now that you have been approved for a visa, you will need to receive the actual visa by sending the following items to the nearest Korea consulate. Use expedited shipping.


Please note that each Korean consulate handles the visa process differently so make sure to call ahead for double check for the items to be prepared and sent. Some consulates will require an in-person interview, others will require a phone interview and the rest do not require an interview at all.


Following is the list of items you will need to take/send to the Korean consulate prior to your interview.


Passport with at Least 6 Months Remaining Validity (They will stamp it with the visa and send it back to you)

Completed application for visa with your visa approval number written in the margin at the top

1 passport photo

The Visa Fee* ($65 CAD, $45 USD, NZ $50 USD, A$75, UK £27 / Fees can change)

Consul's checklist

Health Statement

Photocopy of your diploma

One sealed and stamped academic transcript from your university. Must be unopened and have the stamp half on the rear flap and half on the body of the envelope

Pre-address and stamped express mail envelope for the Consulate to use when mailing your passport back to you


Call the Korean consulate for E-2 visa phone interview immediately after sending the package.

Once you have scheduled your interview with the consulate notify us and the airplane flight will be arranged. (By school, the flight ticket is purchased by you and will be reimbursed)


Download: E2 Visa Application Form

Download: How to fill out the Form

Download: Consulate Questionnaire

Download: Self Health Statement

Korea Consulate Contact Information



STEP 6: (10 - 15 hours): Fly over to Korea and Start Teaching

Fly to Korea. It's about 10 - 15 hours so bring a good book!

You will be provided with detailed instructions of what to do upon arrival in the Incheon Airport.

Have a great year teaching English in South Korea!



STEP 7: Medical Check Up

In order to obtain your Alien Card, you will first need to get a Medical Check Up done at a local Hospital.

The Medical Check includes a General Exam, an AIDS test and a Drug test.

It takes 3~7days to get the results for these tests and they are mandatory.


The following documents are required for the Medical Check Up;

Two photos: 3.5cm x 4.5cm

The fee: 60,000KRW - 80,000KRW (varies by Hospital)



STEP 8: Alien Registration Card

Once the results of the Medical Check are processed, you will visit the local Immigration Office to apply for your Alien card.



All teachers must apply for the alien registration card (ARC) within 90 days of arriving in Korea. Your ARC is a form of official identification. The Korean government requires all non-Korean citizens working in Korea to obtain this ID and carry it on their person at all times.

The Alien Card is necessary to obtain Identification such as a Bank account, Cell Phone, etc.



The following documents are required to apply;

The application form

The copy of the passport

One photo: 3.5cm x 4.5cm

A copy of the Business License of the Employer.

A copy of the Business License of the Academic Institute

The Health Check results

The fee: 10,000KRW


Download: Alien Registration Card Application Form


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