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Our Services

gloii serves as a unique focal point for ESL schools in Korea and ESL teachers from Native English speaking countries.

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글로이는 한국의 ESL 학교와 영어를 모국어로 사용하는 ESL 선생님들이 만날 수 있는 가장 최적의 환경을 제공합니다.

Schools: 강사 채용공고

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귀사의 채용 공고를 제출해주시면 자동 매칭되는 선생님의 이력서를 이메일로 받아 보실 수 있도록 보내드리겠습니다.

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Become an English Teacher in Korea with unmatched benefits of Good Salary, Free Round Tickets, Free Housing and More!

No Experience is Needed, All Majors Accepted!

If you're an English native speaker with B.A. or B.S degree, you can teach English in Korea with UNMATCHED BENEFITS;


Profitable Income

The salary for teaching positions in Korea varies by schools, qualifications and locations but is usually from 2.0M KRW to 2.6M KRW per month

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Free Round Trip Air Tickets

For English teachers residing outside of Korea, a one-way ticket to Korea will be pre paid or reimbursed by a school within 30 days after employee's arrival in Korea. Upon completion of the contract, a one-way ticket to home will be provided. English teachers residing in Korea will make the E2 visa issuance trip to the nearest consulate and will have the round trip airfare paid.


Free Housing (Single Apartment)

Schools provide the free single studio type apartments for their English teachers. The housing is mostly fully furnished with bed, fridge, TV, chairs, cooking utensils, washing machine and/or an air conditioner.


Severance Pay

At the successful completion of 1 year contract, schools provide a severance package for their teachers which is equivalent to 1 month's salary.


Low Taxes

English teachers in Korea can expect to pay only 3% to 5% of their monthly salary to the Korean Revenue Agency and those except Canadians and Irish are eligible for the income tax exemption at the end of contract term.


Medical Insurance Assistance

Schools provide 50% of medical insurance coverage for their teachers and the remaining 50% of the coverage is deducted from the teacher's monthly salary which usually equates to a minimal 1.5% - 2.5%. English teachers should get the full medical services with the insurance package.


Low Cost of Living

Living expenses in Korea are noticeably cheaper. It usually requires a monthly budget of 500,000KRW - 800,000KRW paying monthly utility bills, high speed internet, groceries, transportation, entertainment and others.


Visa Sponsorship and Renewable 12-month Contract

Korean schools support your legal stay in Korea by sponsoring E2 working visa that is based on 12 month working period. After the 12 month contract expires, it can be renewed with a current school or reapplied with a new school.


Paid Holidays

Private school teachers can expect 2 weeks of paid vacation time in addition to all Korean National Holidays. Public school teachers can expect 4 weeks of paid vacation time in addition to Korean National holidays.


Curriculum and Teaching Resources

Schools provide the well established teaching curriculum and variety of resources for English teachers.


Opportunity to Taste the Exciting Korean Culture

English teacher from western countries will come across the most amazing cultural mix ups of Korea in Asia; great local food, engaging hospitality from warm hearted Korean people, rich history and traditions, trendy lifestyles and most advanced IT technologies.


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