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A teacher who wants to work at another school is required to go through visa transfer process.
Preparing the documents as below,
a teacher or a school representative needs to visit the Immigration in order to get the transfer done.
In case that a school representative visit the immigration, a teacher should write a Power of Attorney for the school.

Here are the documents that you need to prepare;


Docs that Teacher prepares

Download: Release Letter

Download: Power of Attorney

Your Passport(Original)

Your Alien Card(Original)


Docs that School prepares

Dowanload: Application_Form_Alteration_of_Employment_Place(근무처변경추가신고서)

Downlaod: Letter of Character Gurantee(신원보증서)

Business License Copy(사업자등록증사본)

School License Copy(학원등록증사본)


Signed Contract(Original and Copy)

Processing Fee(수수료): 60,000KRW


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