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Iman: Female: 1990: United States

— Experience —

Apart from my career in journalism, childcare has always been an integral aspect of my life. While in high school, I assisted my mother at her childcare center, working with children of all ages, leading up to my time as a daycare manager while in my freshman year of college.

As a daycare manager, I worked extensively with children ages 6 months to 13 years old on cognitive skills, engagement, music, dance and STEAM-focused learning. I also worked with children with disabilities and conducted birthday parties and special events for children along with their parents. For this job, I was instructed to take several certifications and classes, such as CPR, child abuse and proper discipline training, along with educational instruction.

Overall, when it comes to childcare, what I enjoy most is when children truly enjoy the process of learning, despite obstacles and barriers they may encounter during the process.

— Personality —

Overall, I possess a profoundly bubbly and zealous attitude, especially when it comes to children. I truly enjoy learning from them and take interest in how much wonder and intelligence children present. I also stem from a musical background, where at one juncture in my life I trained professionally as a singer. This is an area of education that I truly love engaging with children, such as playful singing games in order to assist with cognition and understanding of subjects. Dance is yet another area I’ve studied in the past and would love to bring to the classroom.

A few adjectives my friends would use to describe to me are: goal-oriented, dedicated, responsible, reliable, caring, patient, understanding, knowledgeable, intuitive, creative, funny, entertaining, open-minded, culturally competent.

I’m also very interested and invested in Korean culture and would love the opportunity to live in Seoul.

— Skills —

As a journalist, I am very skilled in research, reporting, interviewing, interacting with strangers and writing composition. And in the past as an assistant teacher, I composed themed lesson plans and presentations correlating with specific subject matters. I’m also musically trained in song, dance and songwriting.

Other skills include:

* Copy editing
* Writing
* Reporting
* Website building
* Interpersonal communication

Name Iman
Birth Year 1990
Citizenship United States
Current Location Columbia/MD/United States
University University of Maryland, College Park
Major Multiplatform Journalism
Experience 4 – 5 years
Start Date Dec 01, 2017

Sarah: Female: 1991: United States

Teaching English is my passion. From my experience as an ESL tutor at Ithaca College's Writing Center, to my 2 years teaching public elementary school English in Seoul, to my current positions teaching English to German children, I always strive to create English learning environments that are fun, energetic, and – most importantly – effective in teaching.

I am calm and patient with my students, able to explain difficult concepts and make learning accessible without switching into the students' native language, and always supportive and encouraging.

I believe these traits and experiences, along with my TEFL certificate, make me an excellent candidate for teaching English through your organization.

Name Sarah
Birth Year 1991
Citizenship United States
Current Location Berlin/Germany
University Ithaca College
Major Creative Writing AND Philosophy and Religious Studies (double major)
Experience 2 – 3 years
Start Date Aug 01, 2017

Maresa: Female: 1993: South Africa

I am a hardworking individual who is seeking for new life experience and to grow as an individual. I am currently working as a Learning Support Educator and my contract will be ending soon. I have experience in teaching and will be of great value to any school. I studies to teach high school children, but is currently teaching primary school.

During my studies at Cape Peninsula University of Technology I had the opportunity to teach and experience different styles of disciplining learners. I am a strong willed individual who can do anything I set my mind to. I am also good in working as part of a team, which for me is important when it comes to teaching. I am very excited to get to know your culture and be part of your wonderful country. I have an urge for life and is constantly looking for ways to improve myself and learn new things. My passion for teaching makes it easy for me to teach in any phase.
My patience with children will be of great value in any phase and I am looking forward to start a new phase in my life and to be of benefit in a Country with a good school system that works well.

Name Maresa
Birth Year 1993
Citizenship South Africa
Current Location Piketberg
University Cape Peninsula University of Technology
Major Mathematics and Accounting Grade 10 – Graad 12
Experience None
Start Date Jul 01, 2017

Sadia: Female: 1992: Korea

I think communication with children are very difficult but if some one had this ability, than he/she have great power. And i have this power.

Name Sadia
Birth Year 1992
Citizenship Korea
Current Location Korea. Incheon
University B.ed degree
Major B.ed
Experience 1 – 2 years
Start Date May 01, 2017

Gavin: Male: 1984: Canada

I have been able to develop a number of direct and translatable skills as result of my experience teaching in China, 10 years in the hospitality industry (including customer service, team building, training, development of others, and adaptation to high stress environments) and my 2+ years experience within professional Recruitment. During my 14 months with York English in China, I constructed and taught lesson plans across all student aptitude levels, as well as acquired the necessary proficiencies to become an exceptional English Teacher. As my responsibilities at York English were very extensive, I was accountable for all areas of teaching, student education, and development.

Name Gavin
Birth Year 1984
Citizenship Canada
Current Location Calgary, Alberta, Canada
University The University of Calgary
Major Political Science
Experience 1 – 2 years
Start Date Jun 15, 2017

Taylor: Female: 1994: United States

I know that I would be a good teacher because I am great with children and love to aid in furthering their future. Although I do not have any professional experience in teaching, I have been a baby sitter for about 8 years. Within that time, I have watched children and tutored with various amounts of homework (english, math, etc.) I have also helped foreign exchange students at my college learn English.

Name Taylor
Birth Year 1994
Citizenship United States
Current Location Fort Worth, Texas, United States
University University of North Texas
Major Integrated Studies- focus Marketing, International Business and Sociology
Experience None
Start Date Aug 01, 2017

Taylor : Female: 1994: United States

I know I would be a good teacher because I love children and would love to aid in furthering their future. Although I do not have professional experience, I have been a baby sitter for about 8 years. Throughout that time, I have assisted with many children aged 1-11 years old. I helped with homework of all types (math, english, etc.)

Name Taylor
Birth Year 1994
Citizenship United States
Current Location Fort Worth, Texas, United States
University University of North Texas
Major Integrated Studies- focus on Marketing, International Business and Sociology
Experience None
Start Date Jun 01, 2017

ROWLAND: Male: 1976: South Africa

Having a great passion for education I am envisioned to see quality tuition to learners that will enable them to understand concepts in a uniquely different way as compared to their usual everyday approach.
I have a vast of experience in teaching as Sci-bono Senior Outreach Educator where I am the Subject Matter Expert and team leader for the maths department and have taught in the GDE as well obtaining high grades and different accolades.

Birth Year 1976
Citizenship South Africa
Current Location JOHANNESBURG
Experience 7 – 8 years
Start Date Feb 05, 1976

Euihyun: Male: 1996: United States


Name Euihyun
Birth Year 1996
Citizenship United States
Current Location NJ, USA
University New Jersey Medical School,Sophomore. (No. 1 medical school n NJ, USA)

Major Biology
Experience Less than 1 year
Start Date May 15, 2017

Hyonjin Rosie: Female: 1985: Korea

I believe I have high interpersonal and communication skills, especially with young students.
I can easily empathize with others' feelings, and sincerely think of ways to help them out.
Moreover, I am eager to share my passion for English with young students.
That is why I have achived my teachers' license for secondary school in Korea; English is taught more in depth from secondary school, which is the reason I chose that field.
However, to have a stable job as a secondary school teacher, I have to pass the exam for hiring public school teachers. This exam have become insanely competitive over the past few years, while the number of students has been continually decreasing.
Besides, although I have high passion for teaching, I kept feeling that I was not cut out for that "exam" itself.
Thus, I decided it was no longer a matter of "abilities," to achieve that job, but more a matter of "luck."
In the meantime, I was lucky enough to have a chance to work as a Kindergarten Teaching Assistant(TA). I found out that I had the gift to care for preschool students as well. It was also interesting to learn ways to teach the basics of English (such as Phonics) to the young children. Plus, I could observe what Piaget has noted as the characteristics of children in their early years; this was indeed, exciting!
Thus, although I have not achieved any license or degree regarding primary school, I want to spend some more time working as a preschool or Kindergarten TA. While I gain some field experience with the preschool students, I plan to work on achiveing a degree or license in the primary school field as well.
Thus, I am eager to have a job as a preschool or Kindergarten TA.

Name Hyonjin Rosie
Birth Year 1985
Citizenship Korea
Current Location Seoul/Korea
University Ewha Womans University
Major Computer Engineering/Professional English(Double Major)
Experience 2 – 3 years
Start Date Apr 10, 2017

Atarah: Female: 1995: United States

I believe I will be a good teacher because I have served in similar capacities before. I have worked with students for the past 10 years: as a tutor and academic coach, resident advisor, and Sunday school teacher. I have loved every aspect of working with students because I think that education is one of the most important and exciting things to be doing. I love being a part of such an important part of students' lives and I am always committed to being a worthwile presence. I have a very nurturing personality, so I alwasy want to see the people around me develop their fullest potential. I believe it is extremely important for teachers to be invested in that vision for all of their students.

Name Atarah
Birth Year 1995
Citizenship United States
Current Location Denton, TX
University University of North Texas
Major Communication Studies
Experience None
Start Date Jul 20, 2017

tseshani: Male: 1977: United States

As lead of Department of Mathematics for the previous 9 years, I have a great view of the leadership and motivation it takes for a department to perform at the best possible. The organizational strategies and data to instruction techniques I use help to streamline the classroom instruction so that each learner may achieve their full potential.
My project based learning activities have had great success with learning support students, as well as standard learners. Evaluation of curriculum and knowledge of the standards helps guide teachers and establish a firm path for coverage of all standards within the academic year. The data to instruction will help aid teachers in forming flexible groups and focusing on those learners in need of further support as well as those in need of deeper challenge and rigour.
Learning styles can vary greatly between students. Many who struggle are simply not absorbing the material in the way the teacher presents it. To help the teacher and the learner understand exactly how each student learns, I use a learning style identification exercise. Utilizing kinesthetic cues, as well as verbal cues, enables the educator to reach all the learner styles within the class.
All of my practices and ideas have had success in my very own classrooms. That makes it easier for my department mates to believe in them. They see the results and enjoyment my learners find. Having a classroom full of excited learners helps motivate and create excited teachers. That is when the most beautiful learning environment is established.
I am passionate about the process of learning and enthusiastic about that magic moment when a child finally "gets it" as the light bulb in their mind clicks on. My leadership and teamwork can help the program become stronger and our students reach their maximum potential. I do hope to hear from you.
Kumu Tseshani Amadedoti

Name tseshani
Birth Year 1977
Citizenship United States
Current Location Dubai, UAE
University Western Carolina University
Major Mathematics & Physical Education
Experience More than 10 years
Start Date Apr 01, 2017

Natalie: Female: 1990: United States

I am extremely passionate when it comes to teaching. I discovered my love of teaching when I taught in South Korea two years ago. I love being around the younger grades, and realized that I have a knack with children. I love teaching and seeing students actively engaged in learning. I enjoy creating interesting lessons and activities that allow students to learn through different mediums.
I'd say that I have an advantage for being an excellent teacher. I am compassionate and empathetic. I am culturally diverse and open to new cultures and experiences. I have travelled to many places and enjoy learning about new cultures. I have the patience and dedication to being an amazing teacher who truly wants to see her students gain confidence and learn.

Name Natalie
Birth Year 1990
Citizenship United States
Current Location Seoul, Suwon, Cheonan
University Eastern Michigan University
Major International Teaching, Children's Literature and Liberal Studies
Experience 1 – 2 years
Start Date May 30, 2017

Ji Eun: Female: 1980: New Zealand

I have always enjoyed working with children even before I completed my early childhood teaching degree and became a registered teacher in 2011.
Since then I have been working in the education field constantly and gained a wide range of teaching experiences both in New Zealand and Korea.
I have a thorough understanding of curriculum development and documentation of learning in addition to an excellent communication and interpersonal skills gained as a successful accountant and a teacher.
I have a compassionate nature, which always works well with children of all ages; and I am also good at discovering the students' talents and following their interests to make learning fun and exciting.
I strive to be a fun, passionate and knowledgeable teacher and I believe my educational and professional experiences have prepared me well for my job as a teacher.

Name Ji Eun
Birth Year 1980
Citizenship New Zealand
Current Location Seoul
University The University of Auckland
Major Commerce (Accounting)
Experience 5 – 6 years
Start Date May 01, 2017

Hae Deun: Female: 1989: Korea

I used to live in New Zealand for about ten years and this experience of living overseas made me understand other cultures and people, and moreover my English skills got better. I have adored children since I was young and thus I used to have a part-time job as a nanny in New Zealand during College. This experience of babysitting helped me understand kids in depth and how to behave and react at certain situations. Also, I used to work as a private English tutor from time to time both in Korea and New Zealand. I got more inspired after seeing my students’ English skills got improved. Previously, I used to work at Qatar Airways as a customer service agent and I came across a lot of people from different countries every day and worked with colleagues from various countries and thus I could build good interpersonal skills and sustain communication skills. In addition, I once volunteered as a kindergarten teacher and this was such a memorable experience. I have been thinking and then I realized that I felt a great sense of accomplishment and happiness when I was with my students and seeing their English getting better. I am aware of the requirements of being a good teacher. I believe caring and loving mind is fundamental and moreover it requires delicacy and responsibility as well. Due to my experience, I am sure that I will achieve my goals in near future and I assure you that I will do my best.

Name Hae Deun
Birth Year 1989
Citizenship Korea
Current Location Seoul/Seoul/Korea
University University of Auckland
Major Marketing and Information Systems
Experience Less than 1 year
Start Date Mar 27, 2017

Frederick: Male: 1975: United States


I hope your day is going well.
I am interested in teaching high school, college, and adults in Seoul.
I have taught high school, college prep, economics, and creative writing in Gangnam off and on for several years.

My goal is to inspire students by encouraging curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking. Curiosity fuels the drive for students to seek out new knowledge and better understand the world around us. Creativity adds enjoyment to the knowledge we earn and critical thinking helps us succeed in finding truth. Combined, these help students develop tools to succeed.

My background includes ten years teaching students in Seoul. Subjects have included: essay writing, creative writing, SAT reading & writing, literature book clubs, video lectures for the SAT, ACT, TOEFL, Social Science, Psychology, Math (up to Algebra 1 and Geometry), Natural Science, World History and US history. I have guided several students in writing application essays for universities and private high schools. They earned acceptance letters from the University of Texas, Rice University, and the University of Michigan. I have three years of experience in educational material development creating workbooks, quizzes and tests for students ranging from Kindergarten through twelfth grade. I also have four years training and supervising math test scorers back in Lansing, Michigan.
Hopefully this background will help us be a good fit for us succeeding together.

I look forward to meeting you.
Have a nice day,

Name Frederick
Birth Year 1975
Citizenship United States
Current Location Seoul, South Korea
University Michigan State University, BA
Major Political Science/Pre-Law
Experience 8 – 9 years
Start Date Apr 01, 2017

Joo Young: Female: 1984: United States

As you will see from the attached resume, I have graduated from University of California, Riverside, majoring in History and Education. I also have teaching experience, teaching 2nd grade class at an elementary school in US.
In addition, I would bring not only these teaching skills, but also a positive, cooperative attitude that I have displayed throughout my career. I am confident that you will find my unwavering commitment to education, excellent organizational and interpersonal skills, and hands-on experience a positive asset.

Name Joo Young
Birth Year 1984
Citizenship United States
Current Location Seoul, Korea
University University of California, Riverside
Major Liberal Studies – History
Experience 1 – 2 years
Start Date Mar 20, 2017

Shaun: Male: 1992: United Kingdom

I really enjoy teaching children in South Korea. I have had previous experience with mostly elementary and middle school children, but I have also taught adults too. My youngest students are currently 1st Graders here in Avalon.

I believe that some of my strengths lie in redirecting the energy of younger children into something productive, as I am a rather enthusiastic person myself. I like to think that I understand and see each student as an individual, and I want them to feel like I know each of them personally, that they are not just another face in the classroom.

In GnB in particular, I played guitar and sang songs with the children, especially over Christmas time where we sang Christmas songs.

Name Shaun
Birth Year 1992
Citizenship United Kingdom
Current Location Wangsimni, Seoul
University Bath Spa University
Major Creative Writing
Experience 1 – 2 years
Start Date Mar 13, 2017

Zoe: Female: 1994: United States

I come from an art background, and bring with me a unique perspective and pedagogy that more traditional majors don't necessarily have. I strive to keep my lessons engaging, and focus on student-led autonomous learning. I have a bright personality and am not afraid of failure. As such, I push the boundaries in order to create lesson plans that are as successful as can be. I celebrate student accomplishments while turning mistakes into valuable learning experiences instead of sources of embarrassment. I am fun, creative, and spirited, and am able to foster an open, supportive, and typically exciting learning environment in which students become life long learners, constantly seeking out new knowledge.
Beyond my art background, another thing that sets me apart is my unbridled passion and love for Korea. I wrote my senior thesis paper on the effects of Silhak on 18th century Joseon Dynasty genre paintings, and it lit inside me a desire to explore more of the country's history up close and in person.
As an educator, I learn from my students just as much as they learn from me, and that puts us on the same level and encourages their engagement and interest in learning.

Name Zoe
Birth Year 1994
Citizenship United States
Current Location Baltimore, MD. USA
University Maryland Institute College of Art
Major Art History
Experience 1 – 2 years
Start Date Aug 21, 2017

Taeryong: Male: 1985: Korea

be the best and warmhearted teacher who could be able to teach childrent some good manners and eudcational background.

Name Taeryong
Birth Year 1985
Citizenship Korea
Current Location Yongsan Seoul
University Concordia University Wisconsin
Major Mass Communication
Experience None
Start Date Nov 14, 1985

Minyeong: Female: 1987: Korea

To Whom it may concern,

First of all, thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity to apply your organizations.
My name is Minyeong Kim. I am Korean, but, I mostly grow up in the Western countries. Recently, I just return back to my home town, Jeonju. It was quite hard decision for me, to start over my life in Korea. However, my the only dream is squeezing my heart, which encourages me to apply this job, indeed. I want to be a writer. The book, and the purpose let me become to be one, I will take my subjectivity to write, the humanity. When, you observe my past experience, it is quite flourish in a way to support me, but, I always missed the chance to meet more younger generations and help them as much as possible. For these reasons, I believe, this job is perfect for me and let me be a suitable candidate for you, as well. In fact, one of my favorite writer is Ian Fleming, not only the James bone series, I do adore Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang. If I get a chance to work at your institution, I am sure, I will inspire lots of people and helping for my future goal, as well.

I'm looking forward to meeting you.

Much appreciated,
Minyeong Kim

Name Minyeong
Birth Year 1987
Citizenship Korea
Current Location JeonJu
University City University of New York- Hunter college
Major Art History
Experience None
Start Date Mar 01, 2017

Elspeth: Female: 1992: United Kingdom

I am currently working in Gyeonggi-do as an English teacher in a public Elementary school. My contract ends March 26th, 2017 and I want to continue my career in teaching English as a foreign language in Korea.

My experience in Japan and Korea has shown me that my future career interests are in teaching. In Japan I taught all age ranges of students, from kindergarten to adult students. I feel this experience, as well as my current vocation in teaching Korean children, gives me insight into how to teach English in Korea.
Native English teachers provide a unique experience in schools. The students can learn culture through English, rather than simply using English to complete textbooks and to learn English phrases that are quickly forgotten after a test. I enjoy teaching cultural differences in English. These can be particually useful as teaching materials in private academies; as adult students are likely to be of a higher English speaking level, more focus can be placed on intonation, slang, and natural phrasing. These areas are key to appearing professional and skilled at English but are not often focused on in public schools. Such skills can be very useful during English interviews for company work placements, or for achieving promotions in Korea. Many of my friends in Korea, go to English academies for this reason.

Name Elspeth
Birth Year 1992
Citizenship United Kingdom
Current Location Korea
University University of Derby
Major Biology
Experience 1 – 2 years
Start Date May 01, 2017

Kiara: Female: 1989: United States

I have learned a lot in the last year as a teacher. I worked on my craft ,creativity, and have developed better lesson planning tactics. I have learned more patience and better communication skills.

Name Kiara
Birth Year 1989
Citizenship United States
Current Location Vietnam
University University of Central Oklahoma
Major General Studies
Experience 1 – 2 years
Start Date Mar 15, 2017

Kim: Female: 1992: Korea

I am an enthusiastic and passionate Bachelor of Education graduate from the University of Sydney. I am fluent in both English and Korean as I was born in South Korea and raised in Australia. I have attended and taught in highly multicultural schools which helped me to develop high cultural awareness. As a recent graduate I am proactive, adaptable and full of innovative ideas. I have studied and taught using the Australian National Curriculum (ANC).

Name Kim
Birth Year 1992
Citizenship Korea
Current Location Seoul
University The University of Sydney
Major Education (Primary K-6)
Experience Less than 1 year
Start Date Feb 27, 2017

Taejin: Male: 1988: United States

1. Love kids, Friendliness
I think the most important thing to be a good teacher is to be friendly and congenial with students.
2. A good personality
To lead students with better communication, understanding and ultimately good results. I think good personality and positive energy is most important thing
3. Good communication skill
With better communication I can convey my lectures with better skill and results
4. Good motivator
I always try to provide constructive feedback and encourage students to achieve their goal.

Name Taejin
Birth Year 1988
Citizenship United States
Current Location Houston/TX/USA
University University of Houston
Major Hotel and Restaurant Management
Experience 1 – 2 years
Start Date Mar 06, 2017

Anna: Female: 1985: United States

I personally love children and love teaching. I have many years of experience working with children, whether it is teaching English, swimming, or music and dance. I believe that I have been blessed to be able to speak English and Korean fluently. I want to use my skills and knowledge to help children so they too may receive and experience the talents that were given to me.

Name Anna
Birth Year 1985
Citizenship United States
Current Location Indonesia
University University of California, Santa Barbara
Major Music
Experience 4 – 5 years
Start Date Feb 20, 2017

Eunsung: Female: 1987: Korea

I taught children(Korean age from 4 to 7) happily since I started this job. I'm confident that most of parents were satisfied with me. I love being with children and teaching them English.

Name Eunsung
Birth Year 1987
Citizenship Korea
Current Location Dongjak-gu/Seoul/Korea
University Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
Major British-American literature/Business management
Experience 1 – 2 years
Start Date Mar 01, 2017

Taylor: Male: 1992: United States

Eclecticism in my leadership and teaching experience has been the most significant determinant in my confidence to be the paramount ESL teacher in Korea. Most recent accomplishments in leading over 200 employees to sustain a $60 million business, assisting over 50 Korean nationals to get into world-renowned American universities, and fostering the full-scale development of undergraduates within American universities has made me recognize that my professions, despite lacking “teacher” in the title, have indeed yielded me the necessary toolkit to educate others regardless of the context.

Adaptability, enthusiasm, and determination are the best fitting superlatives to describe my personality. I have a hunger for exploring unfamiliar environments hence my survey of Jeju Island, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, and China during my six-month expedition studying abroad in Seoul. While in Seoul I was determined to make Korean students’ aspirations of learning the English language a precursor to their success at world-renowned universities. Holding private lessons to assist students in constructing their professional resume, common application essay, and supplementary essay questions was testimony to how my grasp of English linguistics and writing techniques could contribute substantially to the success of the Korean populace.

Building rapport and authentic relationships with my students, offering constructive feedback with a tailored approach, and understanding each student’s individual needs have been the most important skills attained in Seoul as an effective ESL consultant and teacher. Living off campus during my tenure at Hanyang and Yonsei University in Mapo-gu, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Guro-gu, Yongsan-gu, and Jongno-gu I was directly exposed to all facets of Korean society – aspects of life otherwise unfound living in dormitories or learning via textbooks and coursework. My experiences in Seoul afforded me with an unmatched understanding of Korean culture, customs, and language in order to effectively diagnose the traits in demand for an ESL teacher and role model to students. Moreover, I have learned that teaching ESL requires an ongoing effort and investment in my students who need an instructor that provides an entertaining setting where learning English is exciting and appealing rather then resembling a chore or a one-sided exchange of ideas. I look forward to devoting my experience, personality, and skills as an ESL teacher to inspire Korean students pursuing mastery of the English language.

Name Taylor
Birth Year 1992
Citizenship United States
Current Location Boston, Massachusetts, USA
University Binghamton University
Major Economics
Experience 1 – 2 years
Start Date Mar 24, 2017

Stephanie: Female: 1988: United States

As I mentioned above I do have a variety of experience and I am willing to obtain a TEFL while teaching. I am very passionate and patient when it comes to helping others. English and writing is who I am. These subjects mean a lot to me. I just want to help others and lead a life of helping. I am very kind, considerate and a very hard worker.

Name Stephanie
Birth Year 1988
Citizenship United States
Current Location Berwyn/Illinois/USA
University Southern New Hampshire University
Major Creative Writing & English
Experience None
Start Date Jun 01, 2017

betty: Female: 1992: Canada

I'm very curious and I love learning so I hope to pass my enthusiasm for learning to the students. I also love language and I believe that the development of language skills is essential for students to communication their ideas.

Name betty
Birth Year 1992
Citizenship Canada
Current Location canada
University university of waterloo
Major liberal studies
Experience None
Start Date Feb 18, 2017