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Leah: Female: 1982: United States

I have always been an excellent student throughout my life, so I know what it takes to succeed. I have the an excellent understanding of the English language, and am adept at teaching with confidence and clarity. I have been tutoring students in English privately since 2012, but for years before that I helped my foreign friends and co-workers improve their English skills. I'm a friendly, happy person who loves teaching and meeting new people. I know how to make a challenge fun and exciting, and that's how I approach teaching English. Being very organized and disciplined is key in being a good teacher, and I am both.

Name Leah
Birth Year 1982
Citizenship United States
Current Location Pensacola/Florida/USA
University University of Alabama at Birmingham
Major Fine Art
Experience 2 – 3 years
Start Date Mar 02, 2015

James: Male: 1989: South Africa

I have a caring personality. I like to care for other people to do well. I am the type of person to help someone. I am also great with kids and I am able to interact with them very well.

Name James
Birth Year 1989
Citizenship South Africa
Current Location Grahamstown/Eastern Cape/South Africa
University Rhodes University
Major Politics, Philosophy and Law
Experience None
Start Date Feb 16, 2015

Stefanie: Female: 1987: United States

I am excellent with children and have great people skills. I have a great desire to help anyone learn and do their best. Being bilingual and almost trilingual I understand the difficulties of learning a new language, but I also know the joy and sense of accomplishment that comes from achieving such goals. I am very patient, calm, but also upbeat and funny. I keep things interesting and enjoyable.

Name Stefanie
Birth Year 1987
Citizenship United States
Current Location Corinth/TX/USA
University University of North Texas
Major Interdisciplinary Visual Arts & Design
Experience None
Start Date Feb 20, 2015

Daniel: Male: 1991: United States

I grew up attending an International private school where the teacher to student ratio was rather small compared to other larger schools. I enjoyed my school and my teachers a lot because of the close and intimate learning atmosphere. I believe that teaching is much more than instructing and it has a lot to do with how the students connect and become aspired by their teachers. Since then, I have taken this approach everywhere and it has proven to be successful. I am very eager and passionate to start teaching again.

Name Daniel
Birth Year 1991
Citizenship United States
Current Location United States
University University of California, Riverside
Major Global Studies
Experience 1 – 2 years
Start Date Dec 12, 2014

Iveta: Female: 1988: Canada

I was drawn to the career of teaching since I was in elementary school. I had the opportunity to observe my grandmother who was a kindergarten teacher as I accompanied her to work on regular basis to assist in managing her class. It was an early experience that allowed me to observe the significance of a teacher as a role model and I believe that this vocation highlights my natural qualities of enthusiasm and leadership. I consider Korea as the best country to gain valuable teaching experience, especially for those like me who wish to pursue teaching as a profession.
While studying in Toronto I volunteered to tutor English to a 12-year-old girl from Ukraine. Having just immigrated to Canada, her proficiency of the language was very basic. We communicated about our common interests that included crafts, drawing, photography, music and books such as Harry Potter. As her English progressed she became more comfortable in her new school environment and started to form closer friendships with her classmates. Being involved in such a rewarding progress and seeing the valuable outcomes of learning a new language inspires me to teach English.
Furthermore, I take enjoyment from creating activities for students and witnessing their eagerness to express their ideas. Having worked as a teacher in an Anglophone school in Paris, I instructed and managed various artistic projects such as making cards, illustrating and printing on textiles. The class of adults actively participated in these fun activities and took a sense of achievement in being so creative. I was touched by their sincere enthusiasm as they personalized their creations and proudly took the art back home for display or sent it with their friends and families.

Name Iveta
Birth Year 1988
Citizenship Canada
Current Location Toronto / Ontario / Canada
University Ryerson University
Major Fashion Communication
Experience None
Start Date Jan 03, 2015

Taylor: Female: 1992: United States

Having the experience of living and studying in Seoul has developed a passion for travelling and learning about different cultures. I am now becoming very interested in teaching in Korea, and I believe that I will be able to properly teach and assist students who are learning English as a second language.
Although I have no teaching background, I believe that my personality, skills and work ethnic will be just as helpful. I am confident in my skills in working with others, my positivity and charismatic personality will create the perfect environment for children to excel.

Name Taylor
Birth Year 1992
Citizenship United States
Current Location London, United Kingdom
University State University of New York
Major Public Relations
Experience None
Start Date Feb 15, 2015

Peter: Male: 1990: South Africa

I am very patient, friendly and can easy adapt to any situation.

Name Peter John
Birth Year 1990
Citizenship South Africa
Current Location Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
University University of Stellenbosch
Major Management accounting
Experience None
Start Date Jan 15, 2015

Chrismare: Female: 1986: South Africa

I am an outgoing, fun- loving person and I enjoy challenges. My passion is you people and helping them to find their place in the world. I believe education is very important, but it can sometime be seen as boring. With my skills and passion I know how to make education pleasurable for children and teenagers. While working in South Korea I realized I am a good teacher and that I really enjoy it. My students at Girls’ High School were great students and through working with them I gained more self confidence and learned how to be a good educator.

Name Chrismare
Birth Year 1986
Citizenship South Africa
Current Location Chicago/Illinois/USA
University University of Stellenbosch
Major B.A. Drama
Experience 1 – 2 years
Start Date Mar 02, 2015

Jessica: Female: 1983: United States

I have a bright and cheerful personality and I have a love of learning and teaching what I have learned. I have a strong desire to teach because our children are our future. We have a responsibility to give them as much knowledge about the world as we can so they can be prepared to enter adulthood. I also believe that learning is never really complete and adults should continue to learn new things as well. I have certainly taken this to heart! I jump at any opportunity to learn and experience something new. I have a knack for getting people excited about things, but I am also a bit of a stickler and am able to keep people on task. I think I have a good balance where these two things are concerned. I have worked with children many times before and have an affinity for them. I am also great with adult conversation. I feel that I am well suited for a teaching position in South Korea, whether it is children, teens, or adults.

Name Jessica
Birth Year 1983
Citizenship United States
Current Location Meadville/Pennsylvania/United States
University Edinboro University Of Pennsylvania
Major Print Journalism
Experience None
Start Date Mar 03, 2014

Ryan: Male: 1992: South Africa

I'm a very laid back person and enjoy interacting with children. I have previous work experience in teaching English and interact with kids of various ages on a weekly basis at the orphanage home I volunteer at.

I have a younger sister who I have helped with her schoolwork as she has grown up. I achieved an A symbol for English in high school, and obtained an A average overall. I understand the learning process and I think this equips me to teach.

I am also an interested and open minded person, fascinated by different cultures and people from different backgrounds. I think this will make me well suited to experience life and work in South Korea to the fullest.

Name Ryan
Birth Year 1992
Citizenship South Africa
Current Location Cape Town, South Africa
University Institute for Marketing Management, Graduate School of Marketing
Major Marketing Management
Experience Less than 1 year
Start Date Mar 01, 2015

Camille: Female: 1992: United States

I am writing to apply for available English Teacher position starting in mid December or early January. I am looking for a lovable and passionate teaching environment composed of active lesson plans. Housing is not necessary for me.

I am intrigued to learn more about the challenges facing teaching younger generations and how I can make a difference.

Name Camille
Birth Year 1992
Citizenship United States
Current Location Daechi-dong, Seoul, Korea
University Boston College
Major Major in Applied Psychology and Human Development (Primary and Secondary Educations)
Experience 3 – 4 years
Start Date Dec 20, 2014

Samantha: Female: 1992: Australia

My current experience in education currently lies within Australia in the early and middle years education. I have previously worked in an early childhood education setting teaching and caring for children 2-5 years of age. I have also gained significant experience teaching students of the middle years of education through my practical experiences during my Bachelor degree studies.

I would describe my personality as being friendly, caring, loyal and honest. My curiosity for other cultures has been the reason and driving force behind my study and intention to travel to South Korea. I intend to immerse myself in the culture while continuing to share expand my knowledge of teaching.

My practical experiences have provided me the opportunity to develop my skills in collating, planning and implementing curriculum in an engaging way. While delivering units of literacy I have developed high yielding teaching strategies for engaging students in learning. My classroom management skills have been strengthened as a consequence of serving my internship experience at an educational facility that delivers programs to address the needs of students with extraordinary behavioural challenges.

Name Samantha
Birth Year 1992
Citizenship Australia
Current Location Brisbane/Queensland/Australia
University Griffith University
Major Education (Primary)
Experience None
Start Date Mar 01, 2015

Daniel: Male: 1990: United States

Having learned French and Swedish, and having tutored foreign language learners, I feel I understand the process that the students will be going through. I am told that I have a very empathetic personality that helps me relate to others, and that I have plenty of patience, which I will need with every age group. Furthermore, my experience in music composition and playing guitar/piano could transfer into lessons to help engage younger learners. I believe that I've prepared myself to be unprepared, as it were.

Name Daniel
Birth Year 1990
Citizenship United States
Current Location Commerce Township, Michigan, USA
University University of Michigan-Dearborn
Major Journalism and Screen Studies
Experience None
Start Date Feb 16, 2015

Amber: Female: 1992: United States

I am a positive, ambitious woman interested in teaching English internationally. I believe that I am a good candidate for your program because I am easy to accommodate. I prefer simplicity and do not mind hard work. In situations that others may refer to as challenging I am not halted but motivated by stress. New and exciting opportunities that may present uncertainty or hesitation are where I find myself excelling. I enjoy contributing to the aid and welfare of others and I love to make someone smile. I love people, specifically children, and I hope to proceed my graduation day with the fulfillment of a life expanding my knowledge and the knowledge of others while making people happy. My academic skills will be evident as I gain confidence in the classroom.

Name Amber
Birth Year 1992
Citizenship United States
Current Location Roanoke, Virginia, USA
University Hollins University
Major English
Experience None
Start Date June 01 2015 – Aug 01, 2015