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Shakyra: 1989: United States: Brown Mackie College

In my position, I teach about 50 individuals whom have a mental illness. Daily, I teach therapeutic groups, as well as tutor residents with their homework. During class, time is maximized by instructional time via effective classroom management and organization. When teaching, the content is presented to students in a meaningful way that fosters understanding. I go above and beyond for my residents by dedicating extra time for instructional prep and reflection. Many residents have stated that I have had a tremendous impact on their lives. They take the material learned and try to adapt it to their lives to the best of their ability. Residents have also stated my positive attitude and smile have rubbed off on them. I feel privileged to teach these residents and have such a positive impact on their lives.

Name Shakyra Murphy
Birth Year 1989
Citizenship United States
Current Location United States
University Brown Mackie College
Major Associates of Science
Desired Start Date Aug 01, 2017
Availability Full/Part, Monday-Friday 9am-6pm, will consider working on some Saturdays.

Benjamin: 1988: United States: The University of Chicago

To whom it may concern:

It is with considerable interest that I enclose my resume as an SAT/AP teacher. I am confident you will find my academic and professional background positive assets for this position. My experience as an international Korean-American adoptee growing up in the U.S., having lived in Korea and studied in other countries informs my unique international perspective in my teaching.

My educational philosophy reflects critical thought and engaging students through interactive learning materials to try and take real life scenarios to make English more relatable to their life. Through my education and experience as a social worker, I emphasize cultural competency in my classes by showing and explaining cultural differences to my students. I engage with students by asking questions and guiding them to think critically about themselves and the context of the world we live in.

Most recently I have designed and taught adult and youth immigrant/refugee ESL grass roots empowerment curriculum. I have 7 ½ years teaching experience total working in multiple settings including as a dance instructor, peace circle co-facilitator and community organizer. 4 ½ of these years were spent in an ESL setting including working with immigrant/refugee youth and adults, public elementary, private elementary, substituting experience in Hagwons (preschool, kindergarten and elementary school). I have some experience teaching adults, mostly conversational English.

I speak Korean at a conversational level and am native in my English level. I have excellent verbal communication and writing skills. Through a recent internship, I worked with an civic engagement and advocacy group, Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Chicago, who has pushed legislation through the Illinois State Congress that would make Illinois a more welcoming state for immigrant communities.

I recently graduated, receiving my masters from the University of Chicago. I am currently in Chicago and have an F4 visa (expiring in July 2018). I would love to be able to speak to you further about this position as I am invested in positively contributing to the academic well-being of your students.

Benjamin Coz

Name Benjamin Coz
Birth Year 1988
Citizenship United States
Current Location Chicago, IL
University The University of Chicago
Major Social Administration – International Social Welfare
Desired Start Date Aug 15, 2017
Availability After August 1, 2017 any times.

Alexis: 1986: Korea: University of Toronto

Dear Gloii,

I am interested in applying for SAT Biology/Chemistry teaching position posted on Saramin.

My effective leadership and ability to connect with students make me the perfect candidate for the Biology/Chemistry Teacher position at Gloii.

I have extensive teaching experience in Math and Science subjects. I have taught in Biology, Chemistry as well as Math and Math IC.

I have helped students learn to understand Biology and Chemistry diagrams with story-telling rather than memorizing every single scientific term.

I have taught mostly high school students but I also have an experience working with junior and middle school students.

I have a passion for student achievement. I am confident that my passion and experience are the qualities you are looking for at Gloii.

I would welcome an interview and hope to hear from you at your earliest convenience. Thank you kindly for your time and consideration.

Name Alexis Bae
Birth Year 1986
Citizenship Korea
Current Location Gangman/Seoul/South Korea
University University of Toronto
Major Life Science(Human Biology)
Desired Start Date Jul 20, 2017
Availability Weekly availability
Monday through Friday after 7pm

Chulmin: 1986: Korea: Bachelor’s in Georgia Tech. =?utf-8?Q??= Master’s 한양대학교

I am definitely frendly with students.
I have lots of experience to teach subjects so I know how to make students study better.
Also, I still have good relations with students who I have taught.

Name Chulmin Kim
Birth Year 1986
Citizenship Korea
Current Location Seoul
University Bachelor's in Georgia Tech.
Master's 한양대학교
Major Civil Engineering
Desired Start Date Jan 01, 2018
Availability 5 days in a week. (flexible working hours)

Even desired start date is next year, but I could be start earlier.

Amira: 1994: United States: University of Georgia

To the Human Resources Department,

I am contacting you in response to the posted openings for SAT and AP instructors. Upon reviewing the required qualifications, I feel that I could be an ideal candidate. I recently earned two bachelors degrees from the University of Georgia, one in International Affairs and one in Public Relations. I graduated with U.S. government recognized Superior Academic Achievement in the top 5% of my class, and made a perfect score of 800 on the critical reading section of my SAT. I am a dedicated academic, and have experience working both as an academic tutor at the Rankin M. Smith Academic Center and an English teaching au pair in France. While pursuing my degrees, my academic focus was on the global nonproliferation regime of CBRN weapons and research analysis. I worked as a Richard B. Russell Security Leadership Scholar for the Center for International Trade Security, and a public relations intern at the Center for the Study of Global Issues (Globis) under humanitarian diplomat Dr. Han Park. I studied Korean as my foreign language for two years before attending Hanyang University’s summer session on the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship program. For the last year, I studied at the Greta Val Bugey Léman Language School for intensive French classes during the day while working as an au pair in the afternoons and evenings. I plan to work in Korea and increase my language fluency before pursuing a dual masters in International Affairs and International Security from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

The first rule of research analysis is that information is only useful if it is accessible to the audience. My teaching philosophy can be summed up in that if it doesn’t reach the student and give them practical benefits, it’s useless. This is a viewpoint that I cultivated at the CITS center in which I was responsible for gathering complex, technically challenging information, synthesizing it, and then preparing it into a concise policy brief. The techniques that I learned as a researcher were extremely useful to me as an academic tutor, as I quickly understood that students can get lost on large pieces of information but were able to comprehend and draw conclusions for themselves when material was broken down into its most essential form and connected to practical examples. I taught daily hour-long tutoring sessions of four different University of Georgia courses to 10 students, for both solo sessions and group classes. A great achievement for me at the Rankin Academic Center was using this method to consistently receive the highest possible ranking, “AA”, in the University of Georgia tutor ranking system after independent performance review and monitored sessions.

I am comfortable working with large groups of people, as I was assigned the role of student managerial head of the 2015 CITS Academy, hosting over 120 delegates from abroad with varying levels of English skills. As an au pair, I worked with a young child with almost no English background who required creative approaches to our daily lessons. I have a background in creative design from my public relations design and am adept at incorporating visual elements to my lessons. I am organized, driven, and fully recognize the importance of foreign language to the modern student in a globalized world. It would be a pleasure to work for this academy, and I greatly appreciate the opportunity to provide my resume for consideration.

Thank you,
Amira Al-Masri

Name Amira Al-Masri
Birth Year 1994
Citizenship United States
Current Location Brunswick/Georgia/United States
University University of Georgia
Major Public Relations
International Affairs
Desired Start Date Sep 01, 2017
Availability Full time availability as needed.

Sung Deuk: 1980: Korea: University of California at Davis (UC Davis)St. George’s University School of Medicine (Grenada, West Indies)

Based on about two years of teaching medical students, I have learned effective ways of teaching to help students. Also, by completing medical school myself, I can be a good mentor for students. I would be grateful to have an opportunity to work for students.

Name Sung Deuk Kim
Birth Year 1980
Citizenship Korea
Current Location Pleasanton/CA/USA
University University of California at Davis (UC Davis)
St. George's University School of Medicine (Grenada, West Indies)
Major Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior (Bachelor of Science)
Doctor of Medicine
Desired Start Date Aug 14, 2017
Availability Mon – Sat: 9 am to 6 pm

Sung Wan: 1980: Korea: Georgia Institute of TechnologyAjou University

I've been told by many people that I have a gift in teaching. Both my English and Korean are perfect, while Spanish is proficient to the intermediate level.

I'm an extroverted person and enjoy meeting new people while teaching and learning new things from them. All of my students have a good relationship with me.

Although I spent many years in the company, there are always some parents or a person, who asks me for the private tutoring or translation. While working hard for the company, it was always a pleasure to help someone with American school subjects based on my familiarity with American school education.

Name Sung Wan Ro
Birth Year 1980
Citizenship Korea
Current Location Yongin/Kyeonggi/Korea
University Georgia Institute of Technology
Ajou University
Major Electrical Engineering
Desired Start Date Jul 10, 2017
Availability I will be available 10am – 9pm on Mondays and Wednesday, and 10am – 6pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

Eomjin: 1995: Korea: Yonsei University, 연세대학교

I do believe in challenges are worthwhile the best experience, every hardships or mischief I faced during everyday life or even unexpected incidents, I strongly regard myself as a true adventurer and survivor.
I am keen on confronting in new environments, might be a little clumsy at times, but somehow sort out a way to the most desirable outcome. One of the factors to this conclusion can be accountable to my personality, which I tend to listen and be convincing in a serious conversation. However, I do have strong opinions on certain things, especially regarding rights and humanities.
As for my skills, in the interest of my engineering major background, I was able to get a hold on few computer aid Softwares as CAD-CREO, SAS and ANSYS. Moreover, as a very active person, I love outdoor activities and skillful at sports.
Thank you so much!

Name Eomjin Cho
Birth Year 1995
Citizenship Korea
Current Location Seoul, Korea
University Yonsei University, 연세대학교
Major Mechanical Engineering
Desired Start Date Jul 08, 2017
Availability 8th of July to end of September
from 11am – 5pm (Monday through Friday)

Do Hi: 1991: Korea: University of Wisconsin- Madison

I just graduated from Medical Laboratory Technician program. I am currently in South Korea and looking for a temporary job. I have lived in foreign countries for 7 years, so I can teach students in English if they need. I have studied science math for while, thus I am willing to teach science or math related classes.

Name Do Hi Lim
Birth Year 1991
Citizenship Korea
Current Location Osan, Gyeonggi-do
University University of Wisconsin- Madison
Major Biology
Desired Start Date Jul 24, 2017
Availability I am avaiable starting from July 24th 2017. I am able to work from 9am to 8pm Monday through Saturday. I am willing to negotiate schedule.

Beuel: 1994: Korea: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

I have been studying abroad for 14 years in international schools in China, Thailand, and Hong Kong.
I am currently majoring Chemistry and Biotechnology, so I am even more specialized in these fields and can teach students with sufficient knowledge.
I am fluent in Korean, English, and Chinese, so I can communicate with students using their most comfortable language.
I have taught 4 high-school students last year for AP Chemistry, and their grades all improved by at least 20%.

Name Beuel Kim
Birth Year 1994
Citizenship Korea
Current Location Seoul, Seocho
University Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Major BSc in Chemistry
Desired Start Date Jul 05, 2017
Availability From 5th of July to 30th of August.

SHO-HYUN: 1991: Korea: Cardiff University, UK

I have mainly taught A-level (UK exams) students whilst i was in Dental school, however I am confident to teach Biology and Chemistry for SAT and AP students as well.
A brief introduction about myself, I went to UK to study back in 2008 at the age of 16. My English wasn't perfect but I always aimed high. I was accepted into Dental School on my first application and was offered to achieve grade A in most of my subjects I was studying in High School.
I manage to enter Dental school with flying grades. I have never taken any personal tutoring for my Dental School entry. I gained alot of know-how on how to study for exams and made my own notes for each subjects in-order to aid my understandings.
I graduated dental school with an Honor's degree and have been working as a dentist in central London for 1 year. I have returned to Korea to take the Korean Dental conversion exams which have bored me to death and I am strongly wanting to communicate with students again and want to help them gain confidence as I can surely prove.
I'd be grateful for your careful consideration.

Birth Year 1991
Citizenship Korea
Current Location SEOUL, KOREA
University Cardiff University, UK
Major Bachelor of Dental Surgery
Desired Start Date Jul 03, 2017
Availability Preferred Seasonal Temporary dates are 1st Jul 2017~ end of August.
However I will be available for part time from september onwards.
I am available anytime throughout the week and I am open to work one day on weekends as well.

Kyung Ah: 1994: Korea: State University of New York at BuffaloSchool of Dental Medicine

Someone told me I look Chinese, and I replied that it was because I lived there for ten years. Another told me I looked Korean, and I showed them my Korean passport! My best friend mentioned that I was as "American" as a Korean can be, and I couldn't help but laugh–I am that too. I'm really just Korean by passport, Chinese by my life, and American by culture; and that has helped me tremendously in my journey to becoming a dentist. I love the teaching I do, that I can passionately relay what I found fascinating as a high school student; I love the people I meet, as the three cultures I hold within aren't enough; and I love the look my students get when they realize that everything in biology is connected, chemistry is connected, and they all are truly important in life. It's not the book knowledge that lasts several years, but it's the relevance and interest that truly captivates me. How else could I remember what I learned in freshman year?

Name Kyung Ah Chung
Birth Year 1994
Citizenship Korea
Current Location Seoul/Korea
University State University of New York at Buffalo
School of Dental Medicine
Major Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS)
Desired Start Date Jun 28, 2017
Availability Late June (June 28) to Early August (August 5);
Weekdays and Saturdays (M-Sat) 10 AM to 6 PM

Christine: 1994: United States: The University of Chicago

I am a recent graduate of the University of Chicago, where a liberal arts and core education is emphasized. For that reason, my strengths lie in my writing, critical reading, and editing skills. Most of my work experience has been in the healthcare field. This includes my time at a medical clinic, working as a research assistant in the Ben May Department for Cancer Research, and interning at a digital health start-up founded by the American Medical Association, known as Health2047.

My primary teaching experience in college has been through neighborhood tutoring programs in Chicago, where I spent time assisting students (ages 9-14) with their homework assignments. In addition to this, I spent part of my summer after my first year in college free-lancing SAT prep and editing college essays for students in my home town community. This was an engaged, one-on-one experience with around 10-15 students total.

As the co-president of a dance organization on campus, I taught dance classes multiple times a week to students (ages 18-22). For special events, I taught a dance workshop for elementary age kids.

I am very thorough in both my work and study habits, and I am skilled in deconstructing complex topics into easily digestible formats. I will apply these skills, in addition to my patience and various teaching experiences, to preparing students for these exams.

As a note:I am currently studying for the MCAT, which is why I believe I am qualified to teach AP sciences sections, including biology and chemistry.

Name Christine Chin
Birth Year 1994
Citizenship United States
Current Location Houston/TX/USA
University The University of Chicago
Major Public Policy
Desired Start Date Aug 10, 2017
Availability M-F; 8-5 pm

Jason: 1986: United States: B.A.; University of North Texas (U.S.A.)M.A.; Die Freie Universität (Berlin, Germany)

After noticing an online advertisement to teach SAT prep classes, I immediately took an interest. I believe that my qualifications, which I will highlight in this letter, match the needs of the academy.

As well as bringing enthusiasm to the classroom, I have a notable educational background to support classroom success. In 2008, after studying abroad in the United Kingdom, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies alongside three minors: German, History and Political Science. In addition, I have almost completed a Master’s degree International Relations at Die Freie Universität in Berlin (online).

Beyond my studies, I have been very fortunate to have been given many occasions to obtain a unique mixture of work experience: from interning for two Congressmen, participating in an exchange program between the Korean National Assembly and the United States Congress, to teaching English in Korea for five years, including employees at LG in Gumi.

Acquired from these encounters are a number of skills needed to perform the duties of the teaching position you seek to fill. The most vital of these skills—the ability to gain rapport with individuals of various backgrounds and build lasting relationships.

I possess the background, attitude and work ethic essential to be the visiting instructor you need and would appreciate an opportunity to speak with you concerning this matter. I am currently abroad visiting family in the U.S. but you can contact me via email at Thank you in advance for your time and consideration of what I have to offer.


Jason Cox

Name Jason Cox
Birth Year 1986
Citizenship United States
Current Location United States
University B.A.; University of North Texas (U.S.A.)
M.A.; Die Freie Universität (Berlin, Germany)
Major B.A.; International Studies (Concentrations: International
Politics/Diplomacy and Comparative Politics)
M.A.; International Relations (Concentration: Global Politics)
Desired Start Date Jul 01, 2017
Availability anytime

Sangyoon: 1989: Korea: State University of New York, BinghamtonKorea Univeristy

– I have taught about 40-50 students over 4 years
– I have my own lecture note and work book for SAT / AP chemistry

Name Sangyoon Lee
Birth Year 1989
Citizenship Korea
Current Location Seoul
University State University of New York, Binghamton
Korea Univeristy
Major Chemistry
Desired Start Date Jun 26, 1989
Availability 9 – 12 AM M-F
8 – 11 PM M-F

Sueyeon: 1994: United States: Cornell University

Although my teaching experience in a professional SAT/ACT teaching place is limited, I have an extensive private tutoring experience during my college years. During my freshman and sophomore years in college, I served as a peer tutor and peer advisor in the college of engineering, and offered one-to-one tutoring sessions for chemistry and calculus for engineering students. I was responsible for developing an agenda for the tutoring session and implementing existing teaching materials to enhance understanding of students. Moreover, during the summer of 2014, I worked in SAT/ACT test preparation center in Seoul, Korea called Interprep, as a teaching assistant.
Additionally, I developed strong interpersonal skills by being an active member of several organizations on Cornell campus. As an assistant social coordinator for Masters in Engineering English Immersion Program, I actively communicated with incoming international Masters Engineering students to provide useful information about Cornell, and worked closely with lead coordinator to brainstorm events that can be both entertaining and educational with creativeness. Also, as a treasurer of Society of National Scientists and Engineers, I oversaw budget projections for the organization each semester and optimized the budget funding from Student Activities Funding Commission.

Name Sueyeon Kim
Birth Year 1994
Citizenship United States
Current Location Palisades Park, NJ, US
University Cornell University
Major Chemical Engineering
Desired Start Date Jul 20, 2017
Availability Mid July ~ End of December

Mon Thru Fri

9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Michael: 1993: United States: University of Virginia

As a University of Virginia graduate, I have years of experience in video production and general creativity. I am no stranger to balancing multiple projects, and thrive on the challenge of crafting excellence!

While my major lies in Media Studies, I am also very familiar with creative writing and its processes. I have written dozens of essays, and have even had one appointed by a professor to enter a state-wide contest. I love assisting others with the English language and their work, and believe my relaxed demeanor assists others in the process.

Name Michael Doeren
Birth Year 1993
Citizenship United States
Current Location Luray, Virginia, United States
University University of Virginia
Major Media Studies
Desired Start Date Jun 17, 2017
Availability I am available immediately, and until the end of the summer season. However, I may be interested in prolonged employment. My schedule, as of now, is quite flexible.

HYE MIN: 1994: Korea: New York University

As a student who spent nine years in China, I have learned to fluently communicate with Mandarin Chinese without any difficulty. Also, as an Economics major student, I have taken various courses such as Introduction to Micro/Macroeconomics, Intermediate Microeconomics, and Money and Banking. In addition, I personally find no difficulty in instructing students with SAT/AP Chinese, and also AP Economics. Furthermore, as an enthusiastic person who enjoys communicating with different people, I find this opportunity as a great chance for me to share my personal knowledge and experience when it comes to learning Mandarin Chinese and basic economics concepts.

Birth Year 1994
Citizenship Korea
Current Location Seoul
University New York University
Major Economics
Desired Start Date Jun 19, 2017
Availability 06/19/2017 – 08/21/2017

9am – 6pm (Monday through Friday)

HYE BOM: 1998: Korea: Korea University (고려대학교 안암캠퍼스)

I am a very positive person who loves to teach students especially in fields of Mathematics, and Chinese. Having lived 9 years in China, I have HSK level 6, and therefore have no difficulty in instructing SAT/AP Chinese. Also, as a mathematics major student in Korea University, I have taken several mathematics courses that were challenging.

Birth Year 1998
Citizenship Korea
Current Location Seoul,Korea
University Korea University (고려대학교 안암캠퍼스)
Major Mathematics
Desired Start Date Jun 26, 2017
Availability 09:00~15:00 (For Summer)
From 06/26/2017 – 09/01/2017

Joyce: 1995: United States: Brandeis University

Dear Hiring Manager,
I was pleased to learn of your need for SAT/AP and ESL teachers seen through a post by gloii Korea ESL job bridge. I have recently graduated from Brandeis University with a double major: Bachelor of Science in Biology and Health: Science, Society, and Policy this past May 2017 and have been accepted into University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, and Boston College to pursue a Master of Science in Nursing. I have gained many experiences and skills needed to be an excellent teacher, shown through my work with Reading Town and NGO Seed of Hope, and I believe these skills make me an ideal candidate for this job.
Through my dedicated work with Reading Town, an education center focused on teaching critical reading, writing, and math to students of all ages, I have gained extensive experience in teaching these core subjects. This duty requires developing and strengthening students’ academic performances through careful execution of through-provoking lesson plans prepared by the director and myself. By working with an older subgroup on SAT and English, I have received praise on my ability to teach complex information in an understandable and energetic way in which students can easily comprehend.
Furthermore, my sincere passion for teaching can be seen through my work abroad with NGO Seed of Hope. Through this, I have experienced teaching groups of more than 50 students at one time, thus I am well capable of being flexible and adjusting my one on one teaching style to a group setting that involves teamwork under high pressure.
My background in health policy, biology, and research in neuroscience at the Griffith Laboratory have well equipped me to teach and prepare students in biology and scientific subjects. I am confident that my comprehensive knowledge in science will achieve above and beyond curriculum objectives and students’ goals.
I look forward to meeting with you and discussing my qualifications more in detail.
Joyce Roh

Name Joyce Roh
Birth Year 1995
Citizenship United States
Current Location Los Angeles/California/United States
University Brandeis University
Major Biology and Health Policy (double major)
Desired Start Date Jun 19, 2017
Availability Anytime

carolyn: 1995: United States: University of Virginia

I am applying for a teaching position located in south korea. I can assert that I possess strong skills in teaching and in the subjects that were previously listed. I learned about this job posing through my school's job portal. I am currently a fourth year student and I am graduating in the fall of 2017. I have always had an interest in psychology and managed to receive a superb score on my AP testing in highschool. I pursued this subject even further and majored in psychology. I took a wide range of courses in psychology ranging from developmental, statistical, clinical, animal, and abnormal psychology. I also have experience in teaching and tutoring in critical reading. I worked as a teacher for the summer in an intensive SAT camp. Therefore, I am aware of the time constraint and the urgency of learning the material. I can confidently say that many of the students' scores rose due to this course and I received great feedback. I am currently taking science courses and prerequisites for physician's assistant graduate schools as I am interested in a career in health.
I have always enjoyed teaching and helping others so I feel as if I am very suitable for this job.
Thank you for your consideration and the time that was spent in reviewing this application.

Name carolyn yi
Birth Year 1995
Citizenship United States
Current Location charlottesville/va/U.S.
University University of Virginia
Major psychology
Desired Start Date Dec 16, 2017
Availability Available starting december of 2017 or the summer of 2018 from May – August.

Min: 1996: United States: Northeastern

Currently, I am an undergraduate at Northeastern University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business administration with concentrations in marketing and supply chain management. I have been working at a global sourcing company, Li and Fung, as a product development intern for the past three months and one of my main responsibilities is to conduct in-depth market research to assess client needs. Furthermore, my tasks include scheduling visits to numerous factories, mills, and show rooms that are scattered all over Hong Kong and Shenzhen. These “visits” play a vital role in gathering pertinent fabric materials to present to various clients like John Varvatos, Under Armour, and Lucky Brand who all have distinct preferences. Besides these periodic objectives, another on-going project I have been working on is the fabric sourcing and development centralization project. Because teams serving their own brands work as separate entities, the biggest disadvantage they face is being unable to use synergies across fabric sourcing for different brands as leverage. To resolve this issue, I was asked to implement a digital fabric library which would consolidate and streamline fabric function for the entire division and reduce physical textile sample storage. I am expecting to complete the project by the time my internship ends in June, and I have received encouraging feedback from my colleagues and managers so far.

On a more personal note, I am an easy-going and flexible person who can excel individually or collectively and adjust to any bumps on the road. Ever since I came to college, I have always worked part-time at numerous places including the aquarium, pizza store, French restaurant, moving company, and so on. The places were all essentially service-oriented, and I quickly learned a valuable lesson that is applicable to life in general: never be too comfortable because things can go south any minute. Although it is still important to remain optimistic, I have learned that things will never happen exactly as planned, and only those that can make quick, sound judgments in moments of extreme stress can surface unscathed.

Name Min Kim
Birth Year 1996
Citizenship United States
Current Location Hong Kong
University Northeastern
Major BBA (Finance and marketing)
Desired Start Date Jun 28, 2017
Availability available from June 28th – August 24th

Dongho: 1985: Korea: George Washington University

I have been a dedicated teacher in private schools since 2008. I was a very curious and interactive student, so I also have teaching in a fun and interactive way. I am also planning to open my own school someday, hence I try to be versatile in not only teaching but administrative and business aspects of private schools.

Name Dongho Won
Birth Year 1985
Citizenship Korea
Current Location Cheonan
University George Washington University
Major International Affairs(Concentration: Contemporary Cultures and Societies)
Desired Start Date Jun 12, 2017
Availability I can start ASAP.

Jooyon: 1975: Korea: University of Michigan =?utf-8?Q??= – Master’s degree in business =?utf-8?Q??= Hankuk University of Foreign Studies =?utf-8?Q??= – Bachelor’s degree in English literature


I look young for my age and can probably pass as
someone in his late 30s. Kindly disregard my year of birth for it does not reflect my appearance.

With that said, I have years of experience teaching all aspects of English to all ages. I possess a calm personality with good manners and a strong sense of responsiblity for my given job. You will find that I am a gentle person who gets along well with others. I am completely bilingual in every sense : pronunciation, fluency, and vocabulary usage. And most of all, I like teaching English because I like to help other people which is why I kept teaching even while living in the U.S.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you in advance.



Name Jooyon Lee
Birth Year 1975
Citizenship Korea
Current Location Seoul
University University of Michigan
– Master's degree in business
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
– Bachelor's degree in English literature
Major Master's : MBA
Bachelor's : English literature
Desired Start Date Jun 12, 2017
Availability Available period : June through end of year
Available hours : 9am – 6pm Monday~Friday
(specific hours are adjustable)

Jaewon: 1982: Korea: Southern Illinois University

Teaching Math and Economics more effectively and efficiently than any other teachers in Korea.

Name Jaewon Choi
Birth Year 1982
Citizenship Korea
Current Location Seoul/South Korea
University Southern Illinois University
Major Bachelor of Science in Business Economics
Bachelor of Science in Finance
Bachelor of Science in Accounting
Desired Start Date Jun 12, 2017
Availability 9am- 6pm, Monday through Friday

Yehsun: 1974: Korea: University of California, Berkeley

I built up my teaching skills based on a interaction between students and myself. I consider understanding what each student desire from learning and discovering unique qualities of students are significant in interactive teaching.

Name Yehsun Kang
Birth Year 1974
Citizenship Korea
Current Location Seoul/ Korea
University University of California, Berkeley
Major Architecture
Desired Start Date Jun 19, 2017
Availability From 19th of June to end of Aug. 9 am- 10 pm, Monday through Sunday

Elizabeth: 1996: United States: University of Virginia

Hello, my name is Elizabeth Kim and I am a third year at the University of Virginia. Currently, I am in Seoul as an exchange student at Seoul National University and would like to spend my summer in Seoul as well.

Although I do not have experience teaching SAT or AP, I am very confident in my abilities as I studied and taught myself from text books while I was preparing for these tests. I have previously volunteered with tutoring programs and helped teach elementary students math and English and I believe this experience will help me. I really care about students and want them all to succeed.

I am a very hard-working and driven person and will do my best for the students. I also have a very outgoing and bubbly personality so I think I'll be able to bond with the students and encourage them so that they will enjoy coming to class and studying. I can speak Korean as well which may be helpful.

Name Elizabeth Kim
Birth Year 1996
Citizenship United States
Current Location Gwanakgu/Seoul/South Korea
University University of Virginia
Major Economics
Desired Start Date Jun 19, 2017
Availability I'm already in Seoul as an exchange student so am currently available in the evenings or weekends. Once the semester ends, I'll be available Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm, but would like to work only a few days of the week. I will be in Korea until mid-August.

Elizabeth: 1996: United States: University of Virgini

Hello, my name is Elizabeth Kim and I am a third year economics major at the University of Virginia. I am currently in Seoul as an exchange student at Seoul National University.

Although I don't have experience teaching the SAT or AP, I'm very confident in abilities and know that I will be able to help students improve. In the past, I've volunteered at tutoring centers for children, so I know how to teach and encourage them.

I'm a very hard-working and dedicated person and will do my best to help the students reach their full potential! I also believe that I have an outgoing and bubbly personality so that might help me better engage and interact with the students so that they will enjoy studying. I can speak Korean as well.

Name Elizabeth Kim
Birth Year 1996
Citizenship United States
Current Location Seoul/South Korea
University University of Virgini
Major Economics
Desired Start Date Jun 19, 2017
Availability I'm actually already in Seoul right now, but won't have full time availability until the semester ends. For now, I am available in the evenings or weekends. I will be available until mid-August. I weekly availability is Monday through Friday 9am to 6pm.

Sung Hoon: 1988: Korea: University of Washington =?utf-8?Q??= Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies – Geneva, Switzerland

Being bilingual is an added advantage for me because I can understand some of the student’s struggles with their studies and help them to overcome them. My fluency in Korean allows me to step into the shoes of the students and see the stumbling blocks for myself, allowing me to approach each class seeking to address those concerns. I immigrated to America when I was eight. English is my native language. I bring a positive attitude to the work environment and teaching English has been my lifelong passion. I would greatly welcome the opportunity to contribute my expertise to an organization that shares my goals and aspirations. My philosophy is that learning should be a fun experience. It draws out the best in students and having the right teacher can make a critical difference in helping students achieve their best.

Name Sung Hoon Back
Birth Year 1988
Citizenship Korea
Current Location Geneva, Switzerland
University University of Washington
Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies – Geneva, Switzerland
Major BA – History
MA – International Affairs
Desired Start Date Jun 12, 2017
Availability Available from June 12th to the end of August, Monday through Saturday, 8AM – 10PM.

Hyunsik: 1994: Korea: Wheaton College early graduate =?utf-8?Q??= University of Köblenz graduate school prospective student =?utf-8?Q??= (Also admitted to Rice University, Case Western Reserve University, Stony Brook, Penn State University)

Dear Recruiting Committee,
I was informed and therefore pleased to learn of your need for a math teacher. With my abundant experience and education in applying suitable teaching and assessments and contributing to the establishment of academic objectives, I am prepared to be an immediate part of your organization.
The following are highlights of my academic accomplishments:
 Taught in Christian Sprout Intercultural School from 6th to 12th grade in the following
classes: 6 Math, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus.
 Participated in three applied mathematics related research papers in which all of them are published or in the process of publishing.
 Assisted as a TA and a Lab Assistant in the following undergraduate courses: Calculus I, Calculus II, Probability & Statistics, Mathematical Modeling, Differential Equations.
 Passed SAT II Math B, ACT Math, and GRE Math with a perfect score.
 Passed both AP Statistics and AP Calculus BC with a perfect score.
 Was accepted to Rice University, Case Western Reserve University, Stony Brook University, Pennsylvania State University, and Wheaton College (Ranked 29th in the U.S.), and graduated from Wheaton College in 3 years with a Bachelor’s Degree.
My excellent organizational education skills and active communication with the students, along with my ability to successfully teach in various class environments, allow me to play a crucial role in fast-paced teaching environment. In addition, with my creative yet precise and concise method to proceed with the lessons, I believe I am able to instantly create an acknowledgeable positive influence on the standards of your institution.
I am attaching my resume for your review. I am looking forward to the opportunity to discuss with you regarding how my strengths can best serve your institution.
Sincerely, Robin Kong

Name Hyunsik Kong
Birth Year 1994
Citizenship Korea
Current Location Suwon
University Wheaton College early graduate
University of Köblenz graduate school prospective student
(Also admitted to Rice University, Case Western Reserve University, Stony Brook, Penn State University)
Major Applied Mathematics
Desired Start Date Jun 05, 2017
Availability Mon-Fri: 8:30am to 6pm
(Jul 31st to Aug 4th unavailable)