Elspeth: Female: 1992: United Kingdom

I am currently working in Gyeonggi-do as an English teacher in a public Elementary school. My contract ends March 26th, 2017 and I want to continue my career in teaching English as a foreign language in Korea.

My experience in Japan and Korea has shown me that my future career interests are in teaching. In Japan I taught all age ranges of students, from kindergarten to adult students. I feel this experience, as well as my current vocation in teaching Korean children, gives me insight into how to teach English in Korea.
Native English teachers provide a unique experience in schools. The students can learn culture through English, rather than simply using English to complete textbooks and to learn English phrases that are quickly forgotten after a test. I enjoy teaching cultural differences in English. These can be particually useful as teaching materials in private academies; as adult students are likely to be of a higher English speaking level, more focus can be placed on intonation, slang, and natural phrasing. These areas are key to appearing professional and skilled at English but are not often focused on in public schools. Such skills can be very useful during English interviews for company work placements, or for achieving promotions in Korea. Many of my friends in Korea, go to English academies for this reason.

Name Elspeth
Birth Year 1992
Citizenship United Kingdom
Current Location Korea
University University of Derby
Major Biology
Experience 1 – 2 years
Start Date May 01, 2017

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