Zoe: Female: 1994: United States

I come from an art background, and bring with me a unique perspective and pedagogy that more traditional majors don't necessarily have. I strive to keep my lessons engaging, and focus on student-led autonomous learning. I have a bright personality and am not afraid of failure. As such, I push the boundaries in order to create lesson plans that are as successful as can be. I celebrate student accomplishments while turning mistakes into valuable learning experiences instead of sources of embarrassment. I am fun, creative, and spirited, and am able to foster an open, supportive, and typically exciting learning environment in which students become life long learners, constantly seeking out new knowledge.
Beyond my art background, another thing that sets me apart is my unbridled passion and love for Korea. I wrote my senior thesis paper on the effects of Silhak on 18th century Joseon Dynasty genre paintings, and it lit inside me a desire to explore more of the country's history up close and in person.
As an educator, I learn from my students just as much as they learn from me, and that puts us on the same level and encourages their engagement and interest in learning.

Name Zoe
Birth Year 1994
Citizenship United States
Current Location Baltimore, MD. USA
University Maryland Institute College of Art
Major Art History
Experience 1 – 2 years
Start Date Aug 21, 2017

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