Hae Deun: Female: 1989: Korea

I used to live in New Zealand for about ten years and this experience of living overseas made me understand other cultures and people, and moreover my English skills got better. I have adored children since I was young and thus I used to have a part-time job as a nanny in New Zealand during College. This experience of babysitting helped me understand kids in depth and how to behave and react at certain situations. Also, I used to work as a private English tutor from time to time both in Korea and New Zealand. I got more inspired after seeing my students’ English skills got improved. Previously, I used to work at Qatar Airways as a customer service agent and I came across a lot of people from different countries every day and worked with colleagues from various countries and thus I could build good interpersonal skills and sustain communication skills. In addition, I once volunteered as a kindergarten teacher and this was such a memorable experience. I have been thinking and then I realized that I felt a great sense of accomplishment and happiness when I was with my students and seeing their English getting better. I am aware of the requirements of being a good teacher. I believe caring and loving mind is fundamental and moreover it requires delicacy and responsibility as well. Due to my experience, I am sure that I will achieve my goals in near future and I assure you that I will do my best.

Name Hae Deun
Birth Year 1989
Citizenship Korea
Current Location Seoul/Seoul/Korea
University University of Auckland
Major Marketing and Information Systems
Experience Less than 1 year
Start Date Mar 27, 2017

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