Natalie: Female: 1990: United States

I am extremely passionate when it comes to teaching. I discovered my love of teaching when I taught in South Korea two years ago. I love being around the younger grades, and realized that I have a knack with children. I love teaching and seeing students actively engaged in learning. I enjoy creating interesting lessons and activities that allow students to learn through different mediums.
I'd say that I have an advantage for being an excellent teacher. I am compassionate and empathetic. I am culturally diverse and open to new cultures and experiences. I have travelled to many places and enjoy learning about new cultures. I have the patience and dedication to being an amazing teacher who truly wants to see her students gain confidence and learn.

Name Natalie
Birth Year 1990
Citizenship United States
Current Location Seoul, Suwon, Cheonan
University Eastern Michigan University
Major International Teaching, Children's Literature and Liberal Studies
Experience 1 – 2 years
Start Date May 30, 2017

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