tseshani: Male: 1977: United States

As lead of Department of Mathematics for the previous 9 years, I have a great view of the leadership and motivation it takes for a department to perform at the best possible. The organizational strategies and data to instruction techniques I use help to streamline the classroom instruction so that each learner may achieve their full potential.
My project based learning activities have had great success with learning support students, as well as standard learners. Evaluation of curriculum and knowledge of the standards helps guide teachers and establish a firm path for coverage of all standards within the academic year. The data to instruction will help aid teachers in forming flexible groups and focusing on those learners in need of further support as well as those in need of deeper challenge and rigour.
Learning styles can vary greatly between students. Many who struggle are simply not absorbing the material in the way the teacher presents it. To help the teacher and the learner understand exactly how each student learns, I use a learning style identification exercise. Utilizing kinesthetic cues, as well as verbal cues, enables the educator to reach all the learner styles within the class.
All of my practices and ideas have had success in my very own classrooms. That makes it easier for my department mates to believe in them. They see the results and enjoyment my learners find. Having a classroom full of excited learners helps motivate and create excited teachers. That is when the most beautiful learning environment is established.
I am passionate about the process of learning and enthusiastic about that magic moment when a child finally "gets it" as the light bulb in their mind clicks on. My leadership and teamwork can help the program become stronger and our students reach their maximum potential. I do hope to hear from you.
Kumu Tseshani Amadedoti

Name tseshani
Birth Year 1977
Citizenship United States
Current Location Dubai, UAE
University Western Carolina University
Major Mathematics & Physical Education
Experience More than 10 years
Start Date Apr 01, 2017

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