Hyonjin Rosie: Female: 1985: Korea

I believe I have high interpersonal and communication skills, especially with young students.
I can easily empathize with others' feelings, and sincerely think of ways to help them out.
Moreover, I am eager to share my passion for English with young students.
That is why I have achived my teachers' license for secondary school in Korea; English is taught more in depth from secondary school, which is the reason I chose that field.
However, to have a stable job as a secondary school teacher, I have to pass the exam for hiring public school teachers. This exam have become insanely competitive over the past few years, while the number of students has been continually decreasing.
Besides, although I have high passion for teaching, I kept feeling that I was not cut out for that "exam" itself.
Thus, I decided it was no longer a matter of "abilities," to achieve that job, but more a matter of "luck."
In the meantime, I was lucky enough to have a chance to work as a Kindergarten Teaching Assistant(TA). I found out that I had the gift to care for preschool students as well. It was also interesting to learn ways to teach the basics of English (such as Phonics) to the young children. Plus, I could observe what Piaget has noted as the characteristics of children in their early years; this was indeed, exciting!
Thus, although I have not achieved any license or degree regarding primary school, I want to spend some more time working as a preschool or Kindergarten TA. While I gain some field experience with the preschool students, I plan to work on achiveing a degree or license in the primary school field as well.
Thus, I am eager to have a job as a preschool or Kindergarten TA.

Name Hyonjin Rosie
Birth Year 1985
Citizenship Korea
Current Location Seoul/Korea
University Ewha Womans University
Major Computer Engineering/Professional English(Double Major)
Experience 2 – 3 years
Start Date Apr 10, 2017

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