Sarah: Female: 1991: United States

Teaching English is my passion. From my experience as an ESL tutor at Ithaca College's Writing Center, to my 2 years teaching public elementary school English in Seoul, to my current positions teaching English to German children, I always strive to create English learning environments that are fun, energetic, and – most importantly – effective in teaching.

I am calm and patient with my students, able to explain difficult concepts and make learning accessible without switching into the students' native language, and always supportive and encouraging.

I believe these traits and experiences, along with my TEFL certificate, make me an excellent candidate for teaching English through your organization.

Name Sarah
Birth Year 1991
Citizenship United States
Current Location Berlin/Germany
University Ithaca College
Major Creative Writing AND Philosophy and Religious Studies (double major)
Experience 2 – 3 years
Start Date Aug 01, 2017

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