Iman: Female: 1990: United States

— Experience —

Apart from my career in journalism, childcare has always been an integral aspect of my life. While in high school, I assisted my mother at her childcare center, working with children of all ages, leading up to my time as a daycare manager while in my freshman year of college.

As a daycare manager, I worked extensively with children ages 6 months to 13 years old on cognitive skills, engagement, music, dance and STEAM-focused learning. I also worked with children with disabilities and conducted birthday parties and special events for children along with their parents. For this job, I was instructed to take several certifications and classes, such as CPR, child abuse and proper discipline training, along with educational instruction.

Overall, when it comes to childcare, what I enjoy most is when children truly enjoy the process of learning, despite obstacles and barriers they may encounter during the process.

— Personality —

Overall, I possess a profoundly bubbly and zealous attitude, especially when it comes to children. I truly enjoy learning from them and take interest in how much wonder and intelligence children present. I also stem from a musical background, where at one juncture in my life I trained professionally as a singer. This is an area of education that I truly love engaging with children, such as playful singing games in order to assist with cognition and understanding of subjects. Dance is yet another area I’ve studied in the past and would love to bring to the classroom.

A few adjectives my friends would use to describe to me are: goal-oriented, dedicated, responsible, reliable, caring, patient, understanding, knowledgeable, intuitive, creative, funny, entertaining, open-minded, culturally competent.

I’m also very interested and invested in Korean culture and would love the opportunity to live in Seoul.

— Skills —

As a journalist, I am very skilled in research, reporting, interviewing, interacting with strangers and writing composition. And in the past as an assistant teacher, I composed themed lesson plans and presentations correlating with specific subject matters. I’m also musically trained in song, dance and songwriting.

Other skills include:

* Copy editing
* Writing
* Reporting
* Website building
* Interpersonal communication

Name Iman
Birth Year 1990
Citizenship United States
Current Location Columbia/MD/United States
University University of Maryland, College Park
Major Multiplatform Journalism
Experience 4 – 5 years
Start Date Dec 01, 2017

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