Michelle: 1995: United States: University of Chicago

I have done a fair bit of private tutoring for students ranging from elementary school to college. The majority of my teaching experience comes from swim lessons. I’ve been a swimmer my whole life and I’ve been teaching both group and private swim lessons for 8 years. The sport alone has taught me self-discipline. Teaching swim lessons taught me how to develop and teach personalized lesson for both individuals and groups.

In college, I worked at the Office of Career Advancement for three years for several departments including STEM, entrepreneurship, journalism, arts and media. I’ve worked on many projects all with the goal of facilitating students with the job search and the transition from college to the work force. This experience taught me how to handle multiple projects at once and how to work with both students and administrators.

Last summer I worked for a tech startup called Edovo. They provide tablets which function as online classrooms to inmates across America. As a content intern, I was responsible for creating courses. Most of my courses were reading comprehension, so I would read books and create mini quizzes after each chapter to test for reading comprehension and critical thinking skills. I learned how to create a variety of tests and courses for different education levels.

Name Michelle Law
Birth Year 1995
Citizenship United States
Current Location Chicago, IL
University University of Chicago
Major Public Policy, specialization in Sociology
Desired Start Date Jun 19, 2017
Availability I am available starting the third week of June (19th) and I have no specific end date. I am available Monday-Saturday, 9am-6pm, or longer if needed.

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