Anna: 1992: United States: University of Chicago

I am a great candidate for this opportunity because I already have experience teaching SAT and ACT courses in Asia, as well as significant EFL/ESOL experience. I love tailoring curriculum to the needs of my students, and I especially enjoy teaching test prep because it helps me lay out clear goals for my students and assess their progress. My strongest skill is English grammar; I actually enjoy explaining the nuances of comma usage. Even better is getting my students to appreciate those nuances!

I'm a firm believer in "funducation," as I like to call it: education should be challenging and fun. One of my proudest moments in test prep teaching was the final Jeopardy-style SAT English review game that I set up to help my students study for their final test. They were all focused on finding the errors in the sentences, and it was incredible hearing these students, who knew little formal grammar before, enthusiastically explain not only what answer was correct, but why it was the best answer.

I'm not satisfied with mediocrity. I like to tweak the curriculum and exercises to meet my students' needs, and I'm constantly thinking of review games to bring the material to life. I love brainstorming with other teachers to solve problems, design curricula, and share activity ideas.

Name Anna Moss
Birth Year 1992
Citizenship United States
Current Location Wilmington/Delaware/USA
University University of Chicago
Major Linguistics
Desired Start Date Aug 10, 2017
Availability I am available full-time, starting after August 10. I am looking for a 2-12-month position.

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