Jay: 1982: United States: University of Wisconsin-Madison

My method in approaching standardized tests is foolproof regardless of the specific test, as proven by my achieving 99% in all of 3 standardized tests that are known to be more challenging that the SAT (i.e., GRE, GMAT, and LSAT) within a span of 4 months with little additional preparation.

I use my passion in education and knowledge to fuel my desire to instill moral values in the next generation. Influenced by my father, a biomedical engineer who has spent his entire life rehabilitating the disabled, I have an extremely strong sense of morals and feel obliged to pass them on the who will follow.

My ultimate goal is to put all of my experience together to create a STEAM+Ethics curriculum and provide it worldwide.

Name Jay Khang
Birth Year 1982
Citizenship United States
Current Location Seoul & San Francisco
University University of Wisconsin-Madison
Major Economics (International Political Economy)
Desired Start Date Jun 01, 2017
Availability I am currently residing in Seoul, and am planning on heading back to the States this fall to attend MBA, barring any substantial offer. I will be available throughout the summer, though I would prefer not to have any open classes early in the morning. (I am a dual citizen.)

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